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Virtual Reality picture


ROOMLE & the Italian premium furniture producer Fantoni SPA are providing visitors at the international furniture trade show „Salone del Mobile“ from 14th – 19th April 2015 in Milano a unique virtual workplace 3.0 experience, that will revolutionize the furniture and interior design industry. Virtual reality matches the futuristic twist of the innovative design industry, giving them a tool as incentive for potential buyers to support the customer’s decision-making process. Planning living and office spaces online, composing the perfect furniture, and immediately picking and buying suitable items online: Roomle ́s promise to make this vision come true shortly got the attention of retail and producers. Digitalization sweeps through the furniture market and Roomle intends to offer a sustainable platform for this process. A new virtual reality experience allows customers in the home, office and Real Estate industry to immerse themselves immediately in their planned homes and offices where they cannot only focus on the composition of furniture design elements, but already feel the sense of space.


Virtual reality experience – Workplace 3.0

When furnishing both living and office spaces, decision-making is driven by a desire for individuality and distinction. Roomle accompanies and supports consumers, helping them to create their ideal living and working environments. The sometimes tedious process of planning room layouts and choosing furniture and decorations becomes intuitive playing fun in the virtual space. Roomle and Fantoni engage the consumer, with a virtual reality workplace installation at the Salone del Mobile 2015, in a way never expected in the industry so far. The sum of a consumer´s experience creates a brand and therefore creating an experience that stands out from most competitors will resonate with consumers.
The technology requires consumers to wear a headset that creates a three dimensional view of Fantoni´s premium office products live during the trade show in Milano. By moving one´s head in any direction they will see all the aspects of the interior placed in the virtual office, as if they were physically in this room. The consumer is also given a game controller to navigate in the room directly. If the user wants to change any little detail in the plan, like wall & floor colors or position furniture items differently they can do so and immediately check the results live. The virtual reality headset used is the VR ONE from ZEISS, which can be used with a smartphone. A smart phone is simply slided into the VR ONE tray and the camera on the smart phone used as the source for the virtual reality installation and helps consumers to focus on the composition of furniture design elements and to feel the sense of space.

Virtual reality with VR One live

With this unique experience Roomle plays with its claim ‚Bring your plan to life’ in the virtual world, which results in a personal experience of presence – anytime and anywhere with an intuitive ease of handling. A strong tool that can find its way in combination with the Roomle app into the stores of Retailers in order to make planning, furnishing and buying furniture more exciting and fun. The new technology also perfectly complements Roomle´s vision of planning living and office spaces online, composing the perfect furniture, and immediately picking and buying suitable items online.

VR_in action


With already 500.000+ registered users and counting, Roomle ́s desktop (www.roomle.com) and iPad version have made it among the world ́s most popular interior and exterior planning tools. Promising to „bring your plan to life“, Roomle reaches out beyond simple online planning and furnishing, becoming a friend and partner for those who want to make their decorations taste become reality. Embedding premium furniture brands for homes and offices, the Roomle app systematically supports the interaction between furniture producers, retail and buyers. The pivotal point here, and also Roomle ́s central competence, is linking the planning process with the shopping experience. Roomle intends to occupy a key position in furniture and decoration marketing processes, acting as a digital market place and hub between consumers’ tastes and the industry ́s product ranges. In the near future, individual online planning services for consumers and industry as well as a product configurator incl. pricing and order logics, a fascinating field holding many future strategic and logistic challenges for producers and retailers, will complete the range of services. To this end, Roomle is currently exploring the potentials of 3-D cameras and „virtual reality wearables“ for future quick and easy digital scanning of rooms and furniture and already working on a stats app for the Apple watch.


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Apple – Appstore Best of 2014
Reddot Award 2014: http://red-dot.de/cd/online-exhibition/work/?code=10- 02745&y=2014
German Design Award 2015: http://www.german-design-council.de/nc/designpreise/german- design-award/2015.html
EdAwards 2014: http://www.europeandesign.org/submissions/roomle/
Central European Startup Award 2014: http://centraleuropeanstartupawards.com
Best-of-Mobile Award 2014: http://best-of-mobile.de/gewinner-2/
Eyes&Ears Award 2015: http://www.eeofe.org/de/kalender/awards/2014/preistraeger/interactive
If Design Award 2015: http://www.ifdesign.de/awards_index_d


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