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“We are thinking way beyond planning and furnishing here”

On the eve of launching a groundbreaking iPad app Albert Ortig, Roomle ́s founder and mastermind, explains the underlying concept and its exciting perspectives.

Albert, later this week Roomle will launch an iOS-App at the App Store. Why should somebody want to download and install it?

When it comes to furnishing or refurbishing living or working spaces, having this app on your iPad is pretty much a must. It converts all floorplans into a convincing 3D experience. Augmented reality provides highly realistic representations of objects. We have designed Roomle to provide superior user experience, and I think we have come up with something quite unique.

How important is the synchronisation between the mobile functionalities and Roomle on the web? How do these services complement each other?

Facilitating the synchronised use of Roomle on different devices and channels is a vital part of the whole concept. We plan to roll out more options over the next months, including special premium rate services for smart phones. But all the while, we stick to keeping it simple. Never adding more features than really necessary is the secret of superior usability.

“Mobile first” seems to rule most everything in computing these days. How will room planning, furnishing and managing change, now that the necessary tool is always at hand?

“Mobile first” is essential, but we are thinking far beyond planning and furnishing here. Technological developments – think “artificial intelligence” here – and better sensors in mobile devices will pave the road for groundbreaking applications. Two years from now, Roomle will already be very, very smart, smart enough in fact to take over as your leading partner in everything regarding living and office space.

What do you think? How will furniture retail work in the not so far future?

Without doubt, the way we pick and buy furniture will change. As a matter of fact, it is already changing. Searching and comparing happens digitally now, not in brick&mortar outlets. Online retail is steadily gaining ground, both the „pure“ players and the multichannel outlets. This is where Roomle wants to take on a major role.

A role defined by?

Mainly by convience. Styling suggestions for my home? View the lovely settee from the showroom in my living room? What hampers buying decisions most is a lack of information. Using Roomle, you will always have immediate access to all necessary information. The first packages for integrating furniture brands into Roomle are ready and waiting. As a matter of fact, we are already cooporating with first movers in the furniture market.

That anticipated part of my final question: Where will Roomle go from here? What are the next steps?

I hope you are not in a hurry – this is going to take. [laughs] But seriously, our focus has now partly switched back to Roomle on the web. Here, we will roll out brand new features over the next six months, among them business solutions. Automatically importing 3D furniture formats will soon be possible. An Android app is scheduled. Furthermore, we will extend our retail structures while synchronously introducing individual solutions for geographically or language-defined markets. Roomle is already well-established in the German-speaking countries, in the USA and Brazil. Now the initial launch of the iPad app happens in six languages: German, English, Portugese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. Our development has a global perspective.

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About Roomle

Roomle is a spin-off from Austrian digital media agency Netural. Since 1998, Netural has been developing strategies for internationally active clients in an increasingly digitized world. 55 employees in Linz and Vienna. CEO and owner is Mag. Albert Ortig, CTO Stephan Lechner.

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